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Neighbors: Chualar Crop Circle was Man-Made

Published On: Dec 31 2013 05:26:41 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 02 2014 10:53:00 AM CST

It is a story that has captured the attention of the world, but neighbors said the Chualar crop circle was man-made.

Harry Johnston has lived at his home off of Chualar Canyon road since 1963 and has never heard of such a strange thing happening in his neighborhood.

"We saw people out in the field on Saturday and Sunday and then all this happened afterwards," explained Johnston. 

He says there were several people out working in the field but they were not dressed like the typical farm workers. "Then there was an aluminum ladder leaning up against one of the power poles. I think there were two cars and two or three people in each car," said Harry.

The property owner has ordered that the Chualar crop circle be mowed over after rumors that someone was going to hold a New Year's Eve party in the field. There are also armed security guards at the field.

Witnesses said that hundreds of people showed up in Chualar to catch a glimpse of the crop circle.

While some people believe that little green men designed the pattern in the field, local experts disagree.

Bonnie and Dick Swank have been making articulate patterns in corn crops for 14 years. They said that making the design is not that difficult.

"We cross plant the fields. We'll go north to south, east to west and we don't furl the fields so the tire tracks create a grid," said Bonnie.

That is when the real work begins. After she maps out her design on paper, it's up to the farm foreman to create the pattern in the field.

"He takes my drawing and counts off squares. He uses spray paint and a rope to do the circles," said Bonnie.

As for the Chualar crop circle, Bonnie has her own theory. "There are a lot of companies and that's what they do. They will come in and cut your maze for you and they use GPS. You just put the design into the program and it tells you where to go. That design that I saw, they obviously stopped, walked through, went and made another pattern. It wasn't a tractor that continually kept going."

We'll let you decide if aliens made a pit stop in the Salinas Valley, but some resident have already made up their minds.

"We'll just watch for the little green people that might show up at the door, which haven't yet. Then I'll believe it that it was aliens," said Johnston.