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Governor Brown Introduces California Budget Proposal

Published On: Jan 09 2014 11:05:47 AM CST   Updated On: Jan 09 2014 11:50:04 AM CST

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. will introduced his 2014-15 budget proposal Thursday.

Brown's budget would pay off more than $11 billion in debt and build a lasting rainy day fund while continuing to invest in public schools and expand health care coverage for millions, released the governor's officer.

“With a decade of intractable deficits behind us, California is poised to take advantage of the recovering economy and the tens of thousands of jobs now being created each month,” said Governor Brown. “But given the vagaries of the business cycle, we must be ever vigilant in the commitment of public funds. Wisdom and prudence should be the order of the day.”

Key Points to Brown's 2014-15 budget proposal:

  • Maintaining Long-Term Fiscal Stability
  • Investing in Education
  • Addressing Climate Change and Water Sustainability
  • Strengthening the State’s Infrastructure
  • Implementing Federal Health Care Reform

The full summary of the Governor’s Budget Proposal can be viewed at, or at