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Forty CSUMB students still without housing

Published On: Sep 04 2014 07:34:10 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 05 2014 11:46:30 AM CDT

Dozens of CSUMB students still without a place to live.

SEASIDE, Calif. -

Dozens of students at California State University of Monterey Bay are still without a place to live. 

The school and the students have been scrambling for weeks to find them housing for the school year.  While several have been lucky, as of Thursday, 40 students were still without a home.

The unfortunate thing for those 40 students is that they're responsible for their own housing in the meantime.  One student says he was on that wait list, but didn't want to take the gamble by waiting, after seeing how difficult getting a room on campus was.

"It was a struggle - I think I emailed probably about 40 or 50 different Craigslist posting," said Jonathan Petrovich, a senior at CSUMB.

The university saw this coming - the overcrowding that is - and the vice president for student affairs and enrollment says there's nothing in the admissions policy that needs to change.

"Admissions and your housing capacity are two different things; there's no school in the country that only admits to the housing capacity," said Dr. Ronnie Higgs, VP of student Affairs and enrollment.

That capacity is full now, forcing four or three students into one dorm room after filling all the singles and doubles.  

Higgs said the university doesn't cover housing expenses for students who have to find their own housing for now.  It's an issue that has left 40 students still without a room on campus, an issue that Petrovich didn't want to deal with.

On the bright side for Petrovich, he says even though he didn't end up on campus, what he did end up with, is a better deal.

"I ended up getting a really nice room with a great family," said Petrovich.

He and many other students took to Craigslist to find apartments nearby, or rooms with families in the community.  But even that wasn't easy; it took some persuasion.   

"They were originally planning on only renting to D-L-I or Navy post grad students, but I was able to convince them to rent to a college student," said Petrovich.

While he got lucky with his place now, more than three dozen others are still managing their living conditions on their own, whether it be renting off campus or staying in hotels.

Higgs from CSUMB said this should be the last time a housing shortage is an issue on campus, as a new dorm building is currently under construction which is expected to have 600 rooms. That should be ready next fall.