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Benefits of inline skating

Published On: Apr 10 2014 12:06:19 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 09 2015 11:03:23 AM CDT
Inline Skating


If you’re looking to change up your workout, inline skating might be a good option for you.

According to the Inline Skating Resource Center, inline skating can offer as much benefit as running or cycling.

Inline skaters can burn about 285 calories in a 30-minute workout when skating at a comfortable speed, according to the Inline Skating Resource Center.

The resource center also stated that inline skating is a better aerobic workout than cycling, although it falls second to running. The Inline Skating Resource Center says this is because you can’t glide as often or easily on inline skates as you can when cycling, but you can’t glide at all while running.

While running may be a better aerobic workout than inline skating, it is harder on your joints. Inline skating causes little impact to your joints.