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Police Officers' Association responds to King City controver

Published On: Mar 07 2014 07:02:02 PM CST   Updated On: Mar 12 2014 03:44:03 PM CDT

Police Officers' Association responds to King City controversy

3 six king city police officers have now had their first day in court -- on the other side of the law! let's take you quickly through where things stand now... 3 acting chief bruce miller has not entered a plea yet to charges of accepting a bribe. officer mario mottu senior has pleaded *not guilty* to charges of embezzlement. for officer jaime andrade -- no plea yet on charges of possessing an assault weapon. former police chief nick baldiveiz has pleaded *not guilty* to embezzlement charges. sergeant bobby carrillo has *not entered a plea on conspiracy and bribery charges. and finally, officer mark baker has pleaded *not guilty* to assault. 3 today, the police officer's association was expected to respond to the situation. they held a news conference just about an hour ago in king city. 3 central coast news reporter jake reiner is live in king city... where the news conference just wrapped up! jake, how is the police officers' association reacting? 3 kc poa used the 3 line innocent until proven guilty --essentially putting their support behind the 6 officers who were arrested. 3 they started out by saying they were shocked and saddened when the news broke but are fully cooperating with the da's office in the investigationfirst the public information officer kip bowen spoke followed by an attorney who took questions 3 from the media..i asked him why it took so long for them to come forward and he said because it is a complicated situation and the police officer's association wanted to carefully choose its words.. 3 again they reiterated innocent until proven far as some of the officers accused of discriminating against the latino community the attorney responded by saying the department has a no discrimination policy--he maintained that he believes in the officers 3 innocencein king city jake reiner yccn 3 toss back to desk 3 yesterday -- there were passionate speeches in king city from "lulac" leader , councilmembers...and assemblyman luis alejo. they all had a common message: --looking out for members of the latino community who may not be able to stand up for themselves! alejo says he's pushing the state to make changes. 3 and last night, the a-c-l-u held a workshop in king city... to make sure people know their rights with police! they showed this instructional video on your rights if a police officer stops you. more than 80 people attended the meeting! the a-c-l-u says they have no plans to take legal action with the king city police department. lulac is leading the charge.